Prueba is a leading Boutique Consultancy offering a premium testing service at a reasonable cost, that ensures our Customer’s software products are released to market with confidence. 

A group of testing professionals recognised the need for a "business testing" organisation in Australia.  Hence, Prueba was born.

A company where like minded testing talent could work together, sharing their expertise and skills to provide businesses with a level and range of "black box" or business testing services not before seen in Australasia. 


At Prueba we specialise in testing.  Our independence and impartiality ensures we deliver appropriate processes and services tailored to your needs.  However, we'll be very keen to show your business the benefits of the Agile approach.  Trust us, you'll never look back.


Prueba are specialists in software testing, we back this up with many years of industry experience and the support of a dedicated, highly qualified team.  


At Prueba, we provide a premium software testing service. Our consultants specialise working within Agile Projects and utilise tools that provide excellent value for money, not to mention significant time savings.  


We have the skills and experience to appraise your existing testing capabilities and requirements and help make improvement a reality. We pride ourselves on working with the industry’s best and are dedicated to providing a foundation for those who have chosen testing as a profession.  


We select our consultants to meet our exacting standards so you benefit from working with the best.  





CHRIS JACKSON - Managing Consultant 

Chris brings 25 years IT experience working for large Enterprises, Medium and Small organisations and IT startups. Chris's quest of doing things better and smarter, have seen him champion the introduction of Agile Methodologies, in particular Scrum to a number of organisations and made it a core aspect of his development teams.  Chris's excellent communication and interaction with all stakeholders, but in particular with business decision makers has allowed him to successfully deliver Agile projects at NAB, MYOB, Medibank, Dubber and now Prueba. 



DINESH KARNIK - Manging Director / Head of QA


Dinesh's passion for testing software and attention to detail, have allowed him to build an envious reputation in his field of expertise.  Dinesh's breadth of experience across various business domains, testing tools and methodologies put him is a great position to understand the client's needs and ensure Prueba are able to respond accordingly with the appropriate resources and tools to get the job done.  Coupling automation testing with Agile practices, is the driving motivation behind Prueba's incarnation, especially driving it from a business perspective.  Dinesh has many years experience bringing all of this together, along with ability to mentor and train his team of test engineers.