Agile Testing

We don’t have our own methodology at Prueba, instead we fit within the client’s own flavor agile projects, especially those using Scrum or Kanaban.

As your Agile testing partner, Prueba will help you release maximum business value and increase speed of delivery. Prueba testers have “cut their teeth” on various agile projects and follow the appropriate practices.

  • Testing is performed early and often
  • Testers are included in a cross-functional team
  • The Acceptance criteria for “User Stories” are tested
  • Close collaboration with the team and customers
  • Automated tests are developed based on ATDD/BDD Agile methodology using an Agile testing framework and appropriate test tools
  • Continuous integration, provides immediate feedback
  • Build and run your smart regression pack within the iteration
  • The results of testing are demonstrated to the customer at the iteration review meeting or as soon as the team consider the user story ready to accept
  • Defects are reported either verbally or using a tool

Depending on the project, we would provide the best ‘bang for buck’ using our preferred tool, called TOSCA. But, Prueba testers are equally adaptable in “tried and true” open source tools such as Cucumber, RSpec, Capybara & Selenium.

"Agile Coaching" is a service we can help with for new teams just starting out or for those existing teams wanting an independent health check.  As they say, “once you’ve had agile, you’ll never go back”.  Prueba can make that a reality for you and you team.