Business Testing

Prueba testers are virtually Business Analysts!  They work closely with business stakeholder to verify software delivered, actually meets the business requirements and scenarios.

Prueba's approach takes User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to a higher level with BDD style Test Case design and implementation.  Workshops with key business stakeholders/representative help us quickly ensure a thorough and complete verification set of test scenarios are built.  This is done on 'top' of understanding more formal Requirements documentation being utilised by the software development team (or consultancy).  This ability to work independently helps Prueba ensure the business is actually getting what they are paying for.

Some say ‘tools are tools’.  And they are correct, people or our Prueba Testers make the difference.  While we can adapt to any tool, we’ve shown time over time that with TOSCA in our Prueba Testers hands that the business get much improved productivity and value.

Prueba target risk and reduce testing time without reducing quality.  Hence, the business can get their product and/or service to market quicker.