Mobile App Testing

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly prevalent, particularly with the widespread market penetration of the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  

Prueba are pioneering a way with TOSCA to test mobile devices utilizing services such as TestFlight and agile practices such as Continuous Integration.

iOS & Android native applications are our speciality, but we do have the ability to test 'hybrid' mobile applications that use HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript as well.  So, we have your current and future mobile technologies covered.

Prueba can show Development teams the way to build BDD testing practices into their Mobile App right from the beginning.  Unit Testing is often neglected in the Mobile App world, often to the detriment of the business, as quality has not been assured.  Throw into the mix the “business testing” scenarios preached by Prueba and suddenly your confidence as a business to go to market is high. NO social media crucifixion for your product!